Latest News: (12/9/07):
The site is finally starting to come together, and look nice! Although the shoutbox is still not working properly . Their is also a lot to report about sen3d!

sen3d was originally started in Basic4GL, which is not something that works with Linux. In order to comfortably develop Basic4GL code I have to boot into Windows which is something I dread haha! To solve this problem I have started a C port of sen3d. The C port will execute script in the same mannor, and will only have a few differences.

For example, to keep the load light on Basic4GL's virtual machine, which is quite slow, vertex limits have been set to 7000. Since the C version will be much faster, vertex limits will be much higher. These are the kind of differences we will see in the Linux C release.

I do still intend to develop the Windows release in Basic4GL. I will be honest though, it will not be as high priority as the Linux release.

Test! Smileys! !!